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Forrestal Creative is a photography and videography agency founded by Lina and John Forrestal.

Started as a personal project in late 2017, Forrestal Creative quickly grew while Lina and John lived abroad in Thailand. Focusing on professionally produced video and photography, Forrestal Creative aims to deliver engaging, cutting-edge content for their international client base.

Featured on JOOX Music Thailand and PPTVHD 36, Forrestal Creative's client base includes high-profile athletic clubs and cycling studios; renowned world-class dance choreographers; elite muay Thai and crossfit gyms; non-profits and startups; and some of Instagram's hottest up-and-coming travel bloggers.

Relocating to the New Jersey and New York City area, Forrestal Creative can help capture the moments you most desire, tell the stories you wish to tell, and share with your friends, family, or the world your vision.

John also regularly shoots with LIVE PICTURE STUDIOS out of Jersey City, NJ (many of his recent works can be found in their portfolio). He also operates a recording studio out of Flemington, NJ, called "The Animal Farm" (

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