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Blogger Photoshoot for Bangkok Storyteller, Ankita Sodhia

Ankita and I met on Instagram as fellow Bangkok bloggers. We had a really fun coffee date and organized a successful Bangkok blogger meet-up together! Ankita reached out to me to organize a quick photoshoot, and we were excited to be able to meet up one last time before I moved back to the States!

Ankita wanted photos to be able to use for press, media stories, and profiles. As her blog was gaining some media attention, she wanted to have photos that weren't just selfies.

Originally, we were going to do our photoshoot at a popular Bangkok park but then opted for a more private location: Ankita's condo's poolside garden. It offered us a variety of backdrops without the pressure of shooting amongst crowds of people.

Ankita is a millennial mom who spent the last decade working in digital marketing and web content strategy for corporate companies. She launched her own boutique digital marketing consultancy for hotels and restaurants and Bangkok lifestyle blog!

Ankita's objective was to look like a creative professional in the digital space with an approachable, non-corporate vibe. To achieve this, she decided on two outfits: denim jeans with a simple white top and a black skirt with a dusty rose top. I loved her outfit choices, I thought she looked professional and hip!

I encouraged Ankita to bring props to the shoot, and she brought a coffee mug, laptop and notepad to help portray herself as a digital creative professional. She also brought her sunglasses and flowers for more laid back photos.

Overall, we achieved a great variety of photos from varying angles and backdrops. Our shoot was a lot of fun and the photos will give her a substantial amount of content for her blog and press kit!

You can follow Ankita on Instagram here and read her blog here.

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