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Portraits for Emily's Private Hair Studio, Emily Hair BKK

Emily is an award-winning Thai/British hair stylist that was looking for portraits to help launch her new private studio in Bangkok. I visited Emily at her new studio for portraits, but not without getting my haircut first! Some people have a green thumb, Emily has a "hair" thumb. My hair never felt so soft, bouncy, and happy after Emily worked with it!

We took photos on the grounds of Emily's condo because it had big, beautiful, jungle-like foliage and the sun was peeking through it in such a way that I knew I wanted to use it in our portrait session.

I loved how these photos came out. I love the sunlight, the greens, and of course how gorgeous and modelesque Emily is! If you're ever in Bangkok and in need of a hair treatment, make sure you message her to book your session!

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