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Portraits for Philadelphia Comedian Jules Jierney at the Abandoned Women's Prison in Chiang Mai

We lived in Chiang Mai, Thailand for a little over 3 months. During that time, I was part of a Facebook Group called Digital Nomad Girls. Not only was it a fun community to make friends and network, but women were frequently looking for photographers to help them create content for their businesses.

Jules had posted in the Facebook Group that she was looking for a portrait photographer to help her with her comedy press kit. I reached out, and we immediately connected. I knew this was going to be a fun photoshoot!

We chose to shoot at the Abandoned Women's Prison because we wanted a location that was unique and edgy. We shot at 10am and it was bright and sunny outside. The location would have been creepier at night, but during the day, it was actually quite beautiful!

It was inspiring and incredibly fun to create these images with Jules. We were able to connect on our creative endeavors and how being a female in traditionally male-dominated fields impacts us. In Jules words, "Women walk a path decorated with red tape, closed doors to boys clubs, and having to prove themselves beyond their male counterparts." Girl, ain't that the truth?!

Jules and I are looking forward to getting together someday back in the States. I'd love to see one of her comedy shows! If you'd like to support Jules, give her Facebook Page a thumbs up!

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